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Twitter is definitely going great ! 😅
Some urls posted within tweets are properly displayed within Social Cards but get messed up in the resulting shortened link and end up pointing totally elsewhere... 🤔
Quite frightening in terms of data consistency... Are some servers or services currently dying? 🔥

7 things all kids need to hear

1 I love you

2 I'm proud of you

3 I'm sorry

4 I forgive you

5 I'm listening

6 RAID is not backup. Make offsite backups. Verify backup. Find out restore time. Otherwise, you got what we call Schrödinger backup

7 You've got what it takes

Watching George Takei go from “We’ll try this mastodon thingie and see if its any good” to “We need to liberate our minds from shackles of billionaire oligarchopathy.” in one week flat, has been an absolute joy.

Added a new feature to my Observable notebook for tracking Mastodon's growth (based on data from )

It now has a slider you can use to cut down the range of time displayed, which means you can cut off the huge jumps caused by additional instances being added to the tracked set:

GIF demo here (couldn't upload that to Mastodon for some reason):

World, can you help me find a person with ADHD who have been having terrible experience of web? Or have been affected in any way by bad design or just couldn’t get the thing they planned done and willing to discuss their experience?

Ik zoek:

- mensen met migratieachtergrond (Turks of Marokkaans)
- senioren en jongere generatie
- die al een ziekenhuiservaring (korte of lange periode) achter de rug hebben


- artsen die een mening hebben over cultuursensitieve zorg

Boosten = dino-koeken 🦖

Zaterdag 26 november run ik bij Delierium (, ). Een dark rules light cyberpunk rpg.
Zin om mee te spelen? Deelnemen is gratis, inschrijven wel verplicht, op Beginners absoluut welkom!

Ik had 'm al geboost, maar ik wil toch nog even expliciet de aandacht vestigen op dit artikel over de #Fediverse en dan met name de #FediCulture.

De Fediverse (of #Mastodon, zoals velen het onterecht noemen) is fundamenteel anders dan de vogelsite, niet alleen qua onderliggende techniek.

TL;DR Dit is niet #Twitter, dat is bewust. En wel hierom.

Is it me or was there a pretty huge wave of dance music coming out of France in the mid-90s, of which Daft Punk remained in the spotlight the longest? // @florisdaelemans

Niemand die het raar vind dat Huts een heel persconferentie geeft over stedenbouwkundige handelingen waar hij zelfs nog geen vergunning voor heeft aangevraagd?

The risk that Twitter might no longer have the staff to comply with EU rules was hammered home when the European Commission discovered the Twitter employees they had been liaising with on new regulations... had been sacked

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Watching the richest man in the world behave like a lonely, insecure tween is proof that money, power, and fame will never fix what’s wrong inside you.

Veel wolken. Vooral na de middag perioden met regen.
MaxT rond 9°C.
Z-wind ruimt naar ZW, 4 Bft

So, I am asking the #Medieval #Histodons community, because I am still not giving up on my storytelling wish-upon-a-star:

Does anyone know anything about Girart D'Amiens' "Escanor" maybe maybe getting an English (or Spanish, or Hungarian) translation?...
🥺 🙏

For my translations of German folk tales, I use 19th century folk tale collections which are all in the public domain.

When I started with my work, I made the deliberate choice to put all my translations (415 so far) under a Creative Commons Zero license - which is largely identical to public domain, and allows anyone to use these tales as they fit.

Because these stories deserve to be told and retold - by modern voices, in their own words.

#Germany #folktale #folklore

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